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Alexander Cockburn, 1941-2012

By AK Press | July 24, 2012

The AK Press collective was saddened this weekend to hear of the death of our comrade Alexander Cockburn. Over the years, we have had the privilege of working closely with him on publishing our popular CounterPunch book series—including several titles written or edited by Cockburn himself.

We find ourselves a bit at a loss for words at the moment, so we’ll leave you with the words of his longtime collaborator (and CounterPunch book series co-editor) Jeffrey St. Clair:

Alex lived a huge life and he lived it his way. He hated compromise in politics and he didn’t tolerate it in his own life…

He taught at least two generations how to think, how to look at the world, how to live a life of joyful and creative resistance. So, the struggle continues and we’re going to remain engaged. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can read Jeffrey’s full tribute on CounterPunch.

(Photo by Tao Ruspoli, from CounterPunch.)

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