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Chomsky’s Advice for Anarchists

By charles | July 28, 2010

This video has been around since March, so I suspect I might be one of the few people who hadn’t seen it until now. In case there are any more of you out there, take a look. It’s Noam Chomsky answering questions from readers (and asking them one of his own at the end).

The first six minutes or so is his take on the field of cognitive science. Interesting stuff that actually relates to the rest of what he talks about. But if you’re only interested in the straight-up political verbiage, the rest is all about anarchism—its problems, its possibilities, and the sort of future trajectory that Noam thinks it should take.

Very clear, straightforward, and highly recommended … especially for those who are unclear about his position on (and deconstruction of) the generally oversimplified “reform vs. revolution” question.

Here’s a link to reddit’s anarchist community, which was partially responsible for setting up the interview:

Click here for a list of Chomsky titles that AK Press carries. And also check out the best-selling (okay, for us) Chomsky on Anarchism (also available in Spanish).

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