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Recent Reviews of AK Press Titles

By kate | August 23, 2010

From time to time, I like to do a little roundup of which AK Press books are getting some love in the radical press, and this summer has been a great one for reviews! As always, if you write for a periodical – a radical one, or a mainstream one, or a well-read blog – and are interested in reviewing a new AK Press title, don’t hesitate to get in contact!

Common groundCommon Ground in a Liquid City got a great writeup in last month’s Yes! Magazine:

“An intriguing collection of essays that reads much like a travel journal; the tone is conversational and relaxed, the stories often personal.” (Read the review)

And, a rave review in one of my personal all-time favorite radical newspapers, The Defenstrator:

“A put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is activist educator, Hern isn’t a utopian and he doesn’t posit an “ideal” city, but his book offers valuable insights and motivations for pushing towards more livable, equitable and ecological cities, a survival imperative. “Is there the political and ethical will to work toward sustainable cities that are based on local knowledge and local economies or must cities simply roll over and show their belly to the global marketplace?” he asks. Only we can answer that question.” (Read the review)

Matt’s book also got a nice writeup on Feminist Review last April:

“Through disarming chunks of personal narrative, Hern manages to craft an argument that soothed me, a victim twice-over of mainstream urban planning, sufficiently enough to win me over. Perhaps city-dwellers can rationally and emotionally work toward a better urban future for all. Patiently, he turns up the dial on radical analysis to indict our metastasizing capitalist “growth” and help us hear its attendant liquid slosh of cash, careers, and mobility.” (Read the review)

Come to think of it, Feminist Review, an awesome reviews/news blog run by a loose collective of geographically-dispersed bloggers/editors with an interest in feminist politics (!!!) has been dishing out the love for AK Press titles over the past few months! Thanks Feminist Review, we love you too!

Anarchism and ItsFeminist Review on Anarchism and Its Aspirations in July:

“The focus on unabashed utopianism [is] particularly compelling. In a world in which even the most progressive of activists often think in terms of strategic compromise, it is refreshing to remember that it is possible to dream bigger dreams–anarchist dreams of pluralism, direct democracy, organizing for mutual aid based on true consensus, and above all, an abundance of resources, love, play, sustainability, and peace for all inhabitants of the planet.” (Read the review)

Feminist Review on You Don’t Have to Fuck People Over to Survive in April:

You Don’t Have to Fuck People Over to Survive is a creative, in-your-face resource and a critical tool for resistance.” (Read the review)

You Don't PlayFeminist Review on You Don’t Play with Revolution: The Montreal Lectures of CLR James in June:

“Those interested in social movements and, more specifically, James’s work, will find this collection to be a great contribution to existing scholarship. James’s work is relevant to revolutionary politics today, while opening the window into the particular cultural moment in which James’s work took place. I recommend it to both the novice and the expert who wants to learn more about James and his stunning insights.” (Read the review)

You Don’t Play With Revolution: The Montreal Lectures of CLR James received a great review in Canadian journal of theory and action, Upping the Anti. If you haven’t heard of UtA, you should really check it out. It’s without doubt one of the best new journals of left scholarship out there today, and the hip kids all love it.

“A thought-provoking and challenging collection of writings and lectures by one of the most important public intellectuals of the 20th century … infused with James’ love for humanity and his commitment to examining and challenging the contradictory social conditions in which we live.” (Read the review)

New online political media journal Political Media Review is also chugging through the entire AK Press frontlist and finding some worthwhile things to read, it seems. They’ve reviewed three of our books recently, and we hope they’ll review more! If you haven’t checked out PMR yet, head on over to their website. Like Feminist Review, PMR is made up of a loose collection of authors & academics who are dedicated to keeping their finger on the pulse of the world of political publishing. Many of the folks I know who write for PMR are just lovely, so please support them … and get in contact with them about reviewing books in the future (especially ones published by AK … but other ones are good too!).

Political Media Review on Anarchism and Its Aspirations:

“Milstein’s book is an excellent starting point for people who want to think outside of the bland, boring, and violent status quo—and, with any luck, will help in the final push to rid ourselves of these fundamentally absurd and confining social relations.” (Read the review)

Political Media Review on You Don’t Play With Revolution:

“[Readers will] soak in from You Don’t Play With Revolution the mind that influenced the ways we think and how we see our potential for freedom.” (Read the review)

Academic RepressionPolitical Media Review on Academic Repression:

“Amid news reports that students of color are being sidelined from colleges across the United States, and the fact professors branded Marxists or radicals are often speaking directly to students of color and the poor about disparities, Academic Repression comes at a crucial time.” (Read the review)

MythmakersAnd finally, there’s been some renewed interest in some of our older titles this summer. Mythmakers & Lawbreakers got a great writeup in Counterpoise:

Counterpoise (Spring 2010) on Mythmakers & Lawbreakers:

“This book of interviews [is] an inspirational tool. It is recommended as a distinctive and worth addition for literature collections.” (Counterpoise online)

Plus, there’s a great interview with Diana Block, author of Arm the Spirit, in the new issue of Hip Mama #46 | Summer 2010. The interview is conducted by that hippest of mamas, Vikki Law!

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